About 366.capistron.com - a daily(ish) photoblog

So what in the heck is all this?

New Years Update - So it's been over a year and while I didn't quite succeed in posting a photo for every day of the year (I averaged about one every three days) from the feedback I get when I don't post for a while I believe that the site has been a success. Please enjoy the photos, even if they aren't always of Riley....Jake

This is my "photoblog" or "photographic web log". My goal with this site is three fold; take more pictures, motivate myself to process the thousands of photos I have in my archives, and provide more periodic updates to friends and family across the country about what is new and exciting with Kyla and I. When I stopped posting updates to jakeandkyla.com I was surprised by the number of people who had been reading it and some sort of new site has been long overdue. As is alluded to in the name I would like to post a new photo on the site every day this year, some will be new and some will be old but the hope is to push myself creatively so that every one of the 366 photos would be worthy of framing and hanging on my wall (or at the very least the fridge). Please enjoy the photos; I look forward to reading your feedback…Jake